Gymboree London is a trusted global leader in children’s early education and development. They offer a range of fun classes for newborns to five-year-olds, including play and learn, art, music, and preschool steps. Their innovative curriculum, designed by early childhood education experts, is offered in friendly, welcoming learning environments especially designed for younger children and their parents, offering the perfect place for little ones to learn, explore and grow.

Classes at Gymboree London

At Gymboree London, there’s something for every child. Their program consists of several classes designed to nurture creativity, curiosity, and physical growth. These include Play & Learn, Music, Art, Preschool Steps and School Skills. Play & Learn classes are designed to promote whole child learning and development, from sensory stimulation to problem-solving games and storytelling. The Music classes encourage children to explore and express themselves through rhythm, melody, and beats, while the Art classes encourage the development of imagination and self-expression through hands-on, process-oriented art projects.

Beyond Classes

In addition to their regular classes, Gymboree London also hosts special events throughout the year like parents’ night out, seasonal parties, and open gyms. They also offer Gymboree birthday party packages, a fun and unique way to celebrate your child’s special day.


Gymboree London is proud of the excellent feedback they receive from parents. Many parents appreciate the playful, friendly and warm environment that Gymboree presents, while others praise the passionate, knowledgeable, and caring staff who make sure each child feels loved, confident, and ready to learn.


Gymboree London offers the perfect blend of play, music, art, and learning for the children. Their innovative programs and classes, warm and nurturing environment, dedicated and passionate staff, and focus on parents and child interaction make this a place that truly understands and facilitates early childhood learning and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What age range does Gymboree London cater to?

    A: Gymboree London caters to a wide age range from newborns to children up to five years old.

  • Q: What is the Gymboree Play & Learn program?

    A: Gymboree’s Play & Learn program is a play-based program designed to promote whole child learning and development.

  • Q: Do I need to accompany my child during the classes?

    A: Yes, parents or caregivers are required to accompany their child in all classes.



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