UK-based brand Gymshark has quickly risen to global fame, successfully bridging the gap between style and functionality in the fitness apparel industry. Founded in 2012, Gymshark has built a strong reputation for creating high-performance activewear that combines innovative designs with trending fashion. This seamless amalgamation ensures their clothing stands out in a crowd, and workouts go without a hitch.

Material and Design Philosophy

Quality is one aspect Gymshark prides themselves on. Their clothing is designed for functionality and comfort while maintaining aesthetic appeal. The fitness wear consists of breathable materials that ensure maximum flexibility regardless of the type of exercise. Moreover, they use fabrics with sweat-wicking properties for a drier and more comfortable workout experience.

Branching Out in the US Market

With its solid growth in Europe, Gymshark has set its sights on the US market. The brand has made significant strides, establishing branches in major cities like Denver and Los Angeles. This expansion comes as part of a strategy to increase their global footprint and cater to the adaptive needs of global fitness enthusiasts.

Digital-first Approach

In addition to its innovative physical products, Gymshark also heavily invests in digital marketing to elevate its brand presence. It utilises social media and influencer marketing to reach its target audience, placing itself at the forefront of the digital-first retail approach.


Gymshark’s approach presents an optimal example of how style and functionality can go hand-in-hand without compromise. The brand’s commitment to quality, innovative design, and strategic market penetration underscores its success, marking it as a front-runner in the fitness apparel industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GymShark’s approach to fitness apparel?

GymShark combines style and functionality to provide high-performance and fashionable fitness wear.

Where has GymShark established branches in the US?

GymShark has branches in major cities including Denver and Los Angeles.

How does GymShark market its products?

GymShark utilizes a digital-first approach, leveraging social media and influencer marketing to reach its target audience.



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