Exercise is essential for maintaining good health and improving quality of life. However, finding an affordable yet quality gym can be a challenging task, and London is no exception. This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of affordable gyms in London that offer excellent services and facilities.

The Gym Group

The Gym Group offers a no-frills workout experience at an affordable price. It’s open 24 hours, equipped with high-quality modern equipment and offers a variety of fitness classes at no extra cost. There are multiple Gym Group locations throughout London such as in Tottenham, Stockwell, and Bethnal Green.


EasyGym is another gym chain that provides value for money. EasyGym’s membership includes unlimited access to the gym, fitness classes, and even unique high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions. You can find EasyGym branches in several London locations like Fulham and East Ham.


Fit4Less, part of the Energie Fitness group, offers a budget-friendly fitness solution for Londoners. They provide facilities ranging from cardio machines to weight zones all without any binding contracts. Fit4Less gyms are found in various areas around London including Harlow and Tower Bridge.


Finding an affordable gym in London should not compromise the quality of your workout experience. With options like The Gym Group, EasyGym, and Fit4Less, you can stay fit without breaking the bank.


Q1: How much does a gym membership in London cost usually?

A: The cost of gym membership in London varies and depends on the facilities offered. However, on average, you can expect to pay between £15 to £50 per month.

Q2: Can I get a day pass at these gyms?

A: Yes, most of these gyms offer day passes. You can try out their facilities before committing to a membership.

Q3: Do these gyms provide personal training sessions?

A: While personal training sessions might not be included in the base membership, most gyms offer personal training sessions at an additional cost.



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