Gymshark is a renowned British fitness brand founded in 2012. Known for their trendy gym wear, they have won the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts worldwide. The company is not only famous for its top-tier products but also its commitment to ethical manufacturing and sustainability. This article dives into the ethics, sourcing, and sustainability of the products created by Gymshark.

Business Ethics

Gymshark has built a strong reputation based on its commitment to ethical business practices. They outshine other companies with their continuous efforts to operate ethically, impacting workers, customers, and the global community in positive ways. The company ensures fair wages, good working conditions, and partners only with manufacturers who share the same ideals.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Gymshark works with suppliers who uphold high ethical standards in their production processes. Their business relationships are built on trust, transparency, and respect for workers’ rights. The company’s pledge to ethical sourcing and manufacturing is impressive, with a monitoring system to ensure sustainability and ethicacy in their supply chains.

Commitment to Sustainability

The brand stands out in its commitment to sustainability. Gymshark has set various sustainability goals, such as zero waste to landfill by 2030 and achieving 100% sustainable and recyclable packaging by 2022. They have also pledged to reduce direct emissions by 50% and indirect emissions by 20% by 2030. The company is working hard to implement progressive strategies to meet these ambitious targets.

Gymshark in the United States

Gymshark’s commitment to strong ethical and sustainable practices extends to its operations in the United States. With branches across the country, the company continues to uphold an unwavering commitment to these standards, delivering the same top-tier, ethically-produced products to American fitness enthusiasts.


Gymshark is more than just a fitness brand. Its concerted efforts to maintain high ethical standards and commitment to sustainability distinguish it from many other companies in the industry. Whether it’s the right wages for production-line workers or efforts towards a greener planet, Gymshark stands out as a leader in ethical business practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gymshark an ethical company?

Yes, Gymshark is renowned for its strong commitment to ethical business practices, including fair wages, good working conditions, and sustainable manufacturing.

Where does Gymshark manufacture its products?

Gymshark manufactures its products in various locations worldwide, partnering only with suppliers who uphold high ethical standards in their production processes.

What sustainability initiatives has Gymshark undertaken?

Gymshark has set ambitious sustainability goals, including zero waste to landfill by 2030, and achieving 100% sustainable and recyclable packaging by 2022.



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