Early Beginnings

Ben Francis was only 19 when he founded one of the most successful fitness brands in the world. A teenager with an entrepreneurial spirit, he worked on his new company Gymshark, while also delivering pizzas. When he first started the brand in 2012, it was less about creating a multimillion-dollar business and more about sharing his passion for fitness and desire to connect with the fitness community.

Rapid Success

Gymshark quickly gained traction, becoming popular among the fitness community for their innovative, performance-enhancing clothing. The company’s appeal went beyond their products, with Francis leveraging social media to build a committed following. Today, Gymshark is a fitness empire with a worth of over $1.45 billion, making it one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK.

Expansion to the US

In 2020, Gymshark continued its international growth with the opening of a new office in Denver, Colorado. This strategic move allowed them to further penetrate the U.S. market and enhance their global footprint. With already strong online presence, the move into the US market solidified Gymshark’s reputation as a global fitness powerhouse.

Inspiring Leadership

Beyond the brand’s success, Francis’ unique leadership style has been fundamental to Gymshark’s growth. Despite his young age, Francis has shown exceptional leadership abilities that have fostered a strong culture within the company. He believes in the continuous growth and education of his team, frequently investing in employee development and encouraging a positive working environment.


Ben Francis’ journey of creating Gymshark demonstrates the power of passion, determination and innovative thinking. Despite the challenges faced, his story serves as a testament that age is just a number when it comes to business success. His leadership style and vision for Gymshark continue to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide as he builds an inclusive fitness community through his brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How was Gymshark founded?

A: Gymshark was founded by Ben Francis in 2012 out of his garage while he was working as a pizza delivery guy.

Q: Why did Gymshark open an office in the US?

A: Gymshark opened an office in Denver, Colorado in 2020 to further penetrate the US market and enhance their global footprint.

Q: Who is the founder of Gymshark?

A: Gymshark was founded by Ben Francis, a young entrepreneur from the UK.



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