Each child’s childhood should be filled with fun and learning; combined well, these are the chief ingredients that propel a child’s growth and development. Yes, you guess it right – playtime educates. Here take Gymboree London which stands as a testament to this belief, using a play-centric curriculum to cultivate children’s cognitive, emotional, and physical growth.

The Play-Based Approach

The play-based approach is not only about fun; it has a vital impact on children’s learning and development. It enables children to make sense of the world around them and learn vital skills such as problem-solving, thinking critically, and working collaboratively. Gymboree’s play-centered curriculum ensures children learn these vital skills from very early stages of life.

Play & Learn Program

The Play & Learn program encourages active engagement with the environment, multi-sensory learning and imagination. The purpose is to boost children’s analytical thinking, gross motor skills, and language more laid-back in a stimulating and supportive environment.

What Does Gymboree London Offer?

Gymboree London offers a diverse array of programs ranging from music and art to sports and school skills. These programs are fortified by play-based learning, further utilizing music, movement, art and imaginative plays to make learning an exciting and interactive experience.

The International Approach

Gymboree London, like its American counterparts, develops a close relationship with the dynamics of the child’s family, thus creating a learning environment that bridges the school and home. The institution cater to the holistic development of the child, not just academically but also emotionally and socially.


Gymboree London takes playtime seriously. They understand its power and influence on a child’s development and uses it to its full potential in their curriculum. By fostering an environment that is fun, interactive, and engaging, Gymboree shapes the future of our children, one playtime at a time.


What is play based education?

Play based education emphasizes the importance of play in a child’s learning and development process. It encourages children to learn from their play activities and experiences.

What is Gymboree London’s approach to education?

Gymboree London utilises a play based education approach. They believe that children learn best through play and hands-on activities.

Are Gymboree programs available in other countries?

Yes, Gymboree has branches in many countries globally, including the USA with similar programs boosting a child’s development through play-based learning.



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