The pulsating rhythm, the invigorating exercises, and the blissful sense of community — dance workouts are the perfect combination of fun and fitness. London, known for its vibrant and diverse dance culture, is a hot-spot for such energetic routines. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a novice stepping onto the dance floor for the first time, the city’s dance workout classes offer something for everyone. Let’s explore some of the best dance workout classes around London.


Located in Mayfair, Danceworks is one of London’s top dance studios offering an exciting variety of dance workout classes. Whether you wish to groove to the Latin beats of Zumba, feel energized with Aerobic dance, or get your heart racing with Hip Hop Cardio, Danceworks has it all. The professionally trained instructors ensure that every move you make is safe and effective.


With various locations around London, Frame offers dance cardio classes that are both enjoyable and impactful. Their popular class, Dance Cardio, involves high-energy routines that help to burn calories and tone the body. Frame’s classes are perfect for those looking to combine their love of dance with fitness objectives.

City Academy

City Academy provides dance workout sessions ranging from Ballet Fitness to Street Dance, providing a unique workout experience. Despite being rigorous, the instructors make it a point to create a fun and inclusive environment. With classes at multiple levels, City Academy caters to beginners and experienced dancers alike.

Diva Dance London

Want to feel empowered while breaking a sweat? Diva Dance offers unique classes like DivaFit and Diva Heels that promote body positivity and fitness through sassy dance routines. It’s a fantastic way to channelize your inner diva, maintain fitness, and boost confidence all at once!


Whether you’re seeking a fun new hobby, a challenge, or just a unique method to stay in shape, London’s dance workout scene offers a plethora of options. These classes not only improve physical fitness, but also help to relieve stress, enhance mood, and boost self-esteem. So, why not take the leap and sign up for a class today? It’s time to dance your way to fitness!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which styles of dance are most effective for a good workout?

Most dance forms can provide a good workout; however, Zumba, hip hop dance, and salsa are known for their high-energy routines making for a vigorous workout.

Do I need any dance experience to try these classes?

Not at all. Most dance workout classes cater to a variety of skill levels. Even complete beginners are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Will these dance workout classes help in weight loss?

Yes, dance workouts can contribute to weight loss by burning calories and improving cardiovascular health. Combining them with a balanced diet can enhance results.

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