London, with its vast wealth of architecture and cultural events, also offers enviable options for fitness enthusiasts. One prime example is the multitude of gyms with swimming pools that adorn the city. This article guides you through some of the top swimming pool gyms that the city has to offer.

Third Space Canary Wharf

Third Space Canary Wharf gym has uniquely designed its swimming pool to match its atmospheric setup. The 23-meter pool is filled with natural light and comes with a polished deck fitting for lap swimmers. There are also steam and sauna rooms available for a relaxing time after swim.

The Chelsea Harbour Club

For a luxurious swimming experience, The Chelsea Harbour Club offers a 25-meter pool with designated lanes for both slow and fast swimmers. The gym also provides swimming lessons for all ages and swimming levels, making it an inclusive facility for everyone.

Equinox Kensington

The American-born luxury fitness brand, Equinox, has brought its extraordinary charm to London, serving an 18-meter pool with a hot tub and steam room on the side. With its supreme cleanliness and well-mannered staff, Equinox is undoubtedly a prestigious gym with a swimming pool in London.


With so many top-notch swimming pool gyms in London, it’s all a matter of preference and convenience. Whether you’re a professional seeking advanced fitness facilities or a novice looking to start your fitness journey, London encompasses all, providing an unrivalled range of swimming pool gyms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there ‘only women’ swimming hours in these gyms?

Most of these facilities have dedicated ‘women-only’ hours, but it’s always best to check their timetable for specifics.

Do these gyms provide swimming classes?

Yes, most of these gyms offer swimming lessons catering to different skill levels and age groups.

Are the swimming pools in these gyms heated during winters?

Yes, usually these gyms maintain their swimming pools at an optimum temperature to offer a comfortable swimming experience throughout the year.

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