For many parents, finding the time to work out and stay in shape can be an uphill battle. The hustle and bustle of parenting make it difficult for parents to squeeze in a visit to the gym. This is where a solution from some fitness centres in London comes in – effectively incorporating childcare within their facilities.

Leisurely Fitness: The New Trend in London Fitness Centres

Several gyms in London are helping parents maintain their fitness by providing childcare services. These fitness centres have created safe, fun, and interactive environments for children. Some even have professional childcare experts on the team. This arrangement allows parents to enjoy their workout while the young ones are taken care of with a variety of recreational and educational activities.

Hassle-Free Workouts: The Benefit of Gyms with Childcare Services

This unique offer of integrating a childcare centre within a gym facility provides numerous benefits to both children and parents. These benefits range from efficient time management to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. Moreover, it relieves parents of stress related to parental guilt often associated with leaving kids at home to make time for the gym.

Top London Fitness Centres with Childcare Services

Serving as perfect examples, David Lloyd Leisure Gym, The Third Space, and Virgin Active have taken the lead in combining childcare and fitness. They have dedicated spaces that cater to children of various age ranges and activities that keep the children engaged while parents work out.


London’s trend of fitness centres with childcare provisions is a godsend for parents looking to maintain their fitness routine without feeling guilty. It’s a reminder that childcare and fitness are not mutually exclusive but can coexist for the benefit of the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age does the childcare cater to?

A: Most gyms accommodate kids aged six months to 12 years. Additionally, some have specific curation for different age groups.

Q: Are there additional charges for childcare services?

A: Payments for childcare services in gyms vary. Some fitness centres include it in their membership plan, while others may need an add-on fee.

Q: How long can my kids stay in the childcare area?

A: Most gyms offer childcare services ranging from one to two hours. Parents should discuss their needs with their preferred fitness centre.



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