The boxing scene in London is rich with history, culture, and diversity. With a variety of boxing gyms dotted across the city, passionate about producing champions and promoting healthier lives, there’s certainly no shortage of areas to get involved and train.

A Look into London’s Top Boxing Gyms

There are numerous high-profile gyms in London well known for their top-notch training programs. Some of the most renowned ones include the boxing giant, “Gloves Up,” renowned for its fantastic coaches and the legendary “Ringside,” known for producing some world-class boxers.

Gloves Up Boxing Gym

Gloves Up boxing gym provides an excellent environment for both beginner and experienced boxers. With their world-class amenities and devoted, highly qualified coaches, Gloves Up is undeniably a cut above the rest in London boxing.

Ringside Boxing Gym

Entrenched in boxing history, Ringside boxing gym has been the training ground for several world champion boxers. It not only offers top-tier training but also cultivates a sense of community and belonging, which is intrinsic to its enduring success.

Boxing as a Means of Fitness

Boxing isn’t just about competitions and titles; it’s also a popular way to keep fit. Fitness boxing is now common practice in London’s gyms, where the focus is less on combat and more on improving physical health.


In conclusion, London offers a rich selection of boxing gyms for all fitness levels and goals. Whether you aspire to stand in the ring as a professional boxer or pursue boxing as a means to stay fit, London’s boxing gyms provide an inclusive and welcoming environment.


1. Is boxing a good way to stay fit?

Absolutely. Boxing provides a comprehensive workout that improves cardiovascular health, strength, and agility.

2. Are there options for women in boxing?

Yes, many boxing gyms in London offer classes specifically for women.

3. Is it late to start boxing in adulthood?

Not at all! Boxing can be taken up at any age, and many London gyms offer beginner’s classes for adults.



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