How did Gymshark climb to the top of the fitness industry so quickly? Let’s unravel this fitness fairytale.

The Birth of Gymshark

Founded in 2012 by Ben Francis and his high school friends, Gymshark began as a supplement store but quickly morphed into the fitness apparel and accessories giant we know today. Francis, a fitness enthusiast, was a university student at the time and also worked as a pizza delivery boy to help fund the brand.

Brand Identity and targeted Market

Gymshark’s fusion of fashion and fitness resonated with a new wave of workout enthusiasts. The brand cleverly targeted millennials who were growing increasingly health-conscious and aspired to stay in shape while looking good.

The Power of Social Media and Influencer Marketing

From the onset, Gymshark leveraged social media and influencer marketing. Their strategy involved partnering with fitness YouTubers and Instagrammers to promote their products, effectively reaching millions without traditional advertising costs. This innovative approach resulted in a global community of loyal customers.

Gymshark in America

In recent years, Gymshark has made its name known across the pond. They launched their American online store in 2014, and by 2019, the USA accounted for 40% of Gymshark’s total sales. Today, they’re prominent in both online and retail markets in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.


As we have seen, Gymshark’s rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric. It’s a story that reminds us how a great idea, a dedicated team, clever marketing, and a little bit of luck can lead to unbelievable success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Owner of Gymshark?

Ben Francis is the founder and owner of Gymshark.

Where is Gymshark Based?

Gymshark is a British fitness apparel and accessories brand based in Solihull, England.

When did Gymshark Start?

Gymshark started in 2012.

Is Gymshark only available online?

Primarily yes, Gymshark mainly sells its products online, although they sometimes host pop-up shops around the world.



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