Located in the heart of New Jersey, Gymboree Play and Learn Center is the leading choice for parents seeking a fun and educational environment for their kids. Offering a range of programs designed to stimulate creativity, critical thinking and physical fitness, Gymboree is at the forefront of child development.

Gymboree offers a wide variety of programs catering to different age groups starting from newborns up to five years old. Their classes include Play & Learn, Music, Art, School Skills, and Sports, giving little ones a balanced exposure to intellectual and physical activities.

What sets Gymboree apart from other learning centers is their innovative approach in combining play and learning. Their state-of-the-art facilities are designed to encourage exploration and foster curiosity. The programs are developed by experts in the field of early childhood education and are regularly updated to keep up with new educational findings.

With a desire to reach as many families as possible, Gymboree has spread its wings across the United States. The New Jersey branch is among the most popular, receiving positive feedback from parents and children alike.

Taking part in Gymboree’s Play and Learn Center programs is not just about keeping the kids occupied – it’s about giving them a head start in life. Payment for the classes is flexible, and Gymboree also offers open gym hours for extra practice or play. As such, Gymboree should be on the top of every parent’s list for nurturing the potential in their children.

1. How do I enroll my child in Gymboree?

Enrolling your child in Gymboree is as easy as visiting the center and filling out an enrollment form. Alternatively, you may also register online through their official website.

2. What should my child wear during classes?

Children should come dressed in comfortable clothes suitable for play. They must not wear shoes within the play area, though socks are recommended for hygiene purposes.

3. Are parents allowed to be present during classes?

Yes, Gymboree encourages parents to actively participate in their child’s learning journey. In fact, some programs are designed to include parent-child activities.



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