Play is more than just child’s fun; it is a critical part of childhood development. Gymboree London understood this principle and integrated it into their core philosophy. Gymboree’s unique approach encourages children to learn and grow through play, creating a robust and nurturing environment that cultivates talent.

Play & Learn Classes

Play & Learn classes are the cornerstone offerings at Gymboree London. These are age-appropriate programs developed to engage children actively and stimulate their growth physically, socially, and mentally. They provide infants, toddlers, and pre-school children with the opportunity to engage with their peers while discovering the world around them.

Music Classes

Music is a powerful tool for child development. At Gymboree, it is used to foster social skills, language development, and creativity. From singing songs to banging percussion instruments, the interactive music classes offer a fun avenue for children to express themselves and develop a love for music.

Gymboree London and US Branches

While maintaining its ethos, Gymboree operates across multiple US branches, from California to New York, adapting to the unique needs of each community, while maintaining the high-quality experience that Gymboree is known globally.


Gymboree London has successfully harnessed the power of play to facilitate meaningful learning experiences. The impact they have on children’s development is tremendous, empowering them to explore, learn, and grow in a fun, safe environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age range does Gymboree cater to?
Gymboree has programs for children aged 0 to 5 years.

What classes do they offer?
They offer play & learn classes, music, art, sports, and school skills classes.

Where can I find a Gymboree?
Gymboree operates globally, you can find one near you through their website’s ‘Location’ section.



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