Boxercise is a sports routine that channels the rigorous training that boxers undergo into a high-intensity, non-contact workout. This fitness trend has boomed in popularity recently, and nowhere more so than in London. London’s expansive selection of boxercise gyms now offer a variety of classes for every skill level.

Benefits of Boxercise

Boxercise offers a whole-body workout that involves both aerobic and resistance training. This diverse exercise routine can improve cardiovascular health, enhance muscle tone, aid weight loss, and even boost mental well-being by reducing stress and improving mood.

Classes at London’s Boxercise Gyms

In London alone, there are over a dozen gyms that offer regular boxercise classes. These facilities often include professional trainers, ample space and a variety of equipment. Many gyms also offer classes to suit all demographics, from beginners to seasoned boxercisers, and from youths to seniors.

Boxing vs. Boxercise

While boxing is a combat sport, boxercise borrows heavily from boxing’s training methods while eliminating physical confrontation. In a typical class, one might shadow-box, skip rope, hit pads, punch bags, and perform plenty of squats and sit-ups, but one will not face an opponent in the ring.

Boxercise in London has truly taken off, offering a unique, exciting, and highly effective way for people to stay fit. Whether you’re just looking to lose a few pounds or seeking a new way to keep shape, these gyms could be the answer.

What is boxercise?

Boxercise is a high-intensity workout that mirrors the rigorous training routines of boxers. However, unlike boxing, boxercise doesn’t involve any physical confrontation.

What are the benefits of boxercise?

Boxercise provides a comprehensive workout involving both aerobic and resistance training. Beyond improving cardiovascular health and muscle tone, it can aid weight loss and enhance mental well-being.

Where can I find boxercise classes in London?

There are numerous gyms across London that offer regular boxercise classes for individuals of all skill levels.



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