London, known for its bustling life and rich culture, is also a haven for fitness enthusiasts. The city boasts numerous gyms offering a wide variety of cardio workouts. From boutique fitness studios to expansive health clubs, let’s dive deep into London’s best places for a cardio workout.

A Variety of Cardio Workouts

London’s gym scene offers a variety of unique cardio workouts. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, spinning, rope jumping or boxing classes are all commonly available. Each of these workouts can provide a robust cardio session, depending on your fitness goals.

Top Cardio Workouts Gyms in London

Here’s an overview of some of the top gyms in London offering exceptional cardio workouts:

  • 1Rebel: Known for its high-energy, music-filled spinning and HIIT sessions.
  • Barry’s Bootcamp: Perfect for those who enjoy a mix of strength training and cardio.
  • Virgin Active: Offers a huge range of classes, including spinning, HIIT and aquatic workouts.
  • Sweat It: Best for those seeking a more intense, long-term cardio commitment with tracking and progression opportunities.

Fitness With A View

Several gyms in London also offer cardio workouts with captivating views of the city. Gyms like SkyGarden’s Fitness First and Virgin Active Mayfair offer breathtaking backdrops to your sweat session.


Whether you’re a local or a tourist looking to stay fit, London’s gym scene will not disappoint. With a variety of classes, equipment, and views, there’s a cardio workout for everyone.


  • What types of cardio workouts are available in London gyms? Most London gyms offer a range of workouts including spinning, HIIT, aquatic workouts, and treadmill running.
  • Can I find gyms that offer workout and a view? Yes, gyms such as SkyGarden’s Fitness First and Virgin Active Mayfair offer workouts with stunning views of London.
  • Which gym is recommended for intense cardio workouts? Sweat IT is highly recommended for intense cardio and progression tracking.

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