Gymboree Chicago occupies a unique space in the world of childhood development. Unlike regular daycares, Gymboree provides an immersive, interactive experience that combines play with purpose, allowing children to grow and learn in a fun, safe environment.

Stage-by-Stage Development

Gymboree divides their learning program into various stages for optimum child development, starting with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Baby Classes

The journey begins with Baby Lab, exclusively designed for newborns up to 10 months old. The baby classes engage senses and nurture growth, encouraging babies to reach, grasp and explore.

Toddler Classes

Toddlers press the boundaries of their abilities, curiosities bloom, and a sense of confidence begins to thrive. Through toddler classes, Gymboree helps them shape their own world through play, song, dance, and arts.

Preschool classes

Preschool classes are designed to provide an immersive learning experience for curious little minds. They focus on developmental activities that build social skills, dexterity, cognition, and creativity.

The Role of Parents

The pivotal role of parents in the holistic development of the children is recognized and valued at Gymboree. Parents are encouraged to actively participate in all activities, promoting an even stronger bond between parent and child.

Gymboree Chicago provides an unparalleled stage-by-stage developmental experience for children from infancy to preschool. It encompasses all aspects of learning, from sensory exploration for babies, play-based discovery for toddlers, to creativity-enriching activities for preschoolers. With active parent participation, the Gymboree experience helps create a strong foundation for a child’s physical, intellectual, and social skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age group does Gymboree cater to?

A: Gymboree caters to children from infancy up to 5 years of age.

Q: What are the main components of Gymboree’s curriculum?

A: The curriculum is divided into sensory exploration for babies, play-based activities for toddlers, and creativity-enriching activities for preschoolers.

Q: Are parents involved in the Gymboree Experience?

A: Yes, parents play a vital role in the Gymboree experience and are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s activities.



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