London, a city renowned for its diversity and multicultural atmosphere, has evolved into a fitness melting pot. Gym enthusiasts no longer have to confine themselves to local gym brands as the city has embraced a plethora of international fitness brands. Whether you’re a Londoner or tourist, you’re guaranteed to find a range of international gym brands across the city.

American Gym Brands in London

American gym franchises have found a second home in London. Brands such as Gold’s Gym, Fitness First, and Equinox have become a part of London’s vibrant fitness scene. These franchises offer a “home away from home” for American expats, providing familiar workouts and services. Yet, their open-door policy and engaging fitness programmes have also attracted local gym-goers.

Gold’s Gym

Originally established in Venice, California, Gold’s Gym is a classic American gym brand that brings its old-school charm to London. Known for its extensive weight training facilities and course offerings, it provides a comprehensive physical experience for everybody.

Fitness First

Fitness First, originally from Florida, has grown into a global brand known for its innovation and customer-centric services. Alongside standard gym facilities, Fitness First locations often host group workout classes, personal training sessions, and offer wellness services. Its London branches are no exception, fostering a sense of community amongst its members.


Equinox, a brand from New York, offers luxury fitness facilities. Known for its high-end approach to fitness, Equinox offers top-notch fitness equipment, group classes, spa services, and personal training in its London branches.


The presence of international gym brands in London mirrors its multicultural spirit. Bringing a touch of their native land, these brands contribute to the diversity and inclusivity of the London fitness scene. Whether you’re looking for a gym that feels like home or wanting to try something new, London’s international gym brands welcome all fitness enthusiasts.


Do these international gym brands offer membership discounts?

Discounts and membership deals vary between each gym brand and location. It’s advisable to directly contact the gym for detailed information.

Are all the services offered by these gym brands available in their London branches?

While most services should be available, there might be variances due to location-specific regulations and facilities. It’s always best to check with the gym directly to be certain.



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