In the heart of London, a new trend is emerging on the fitness scene – Green Gyms. Not your typical iron-and-weights sweatbox, these are open-air spaces where people can challenge themselves the natural way. This shift towards outdoor fitness and the focus on environmental sustainability encapsulates London’s drive towards becoming a greener city.

What are Green Gyms?

Green Gyms are outdoor areas equipped with exercise equipment that is powered solely by the user’s effort, meaning there is zero electricity waste. These gyms promote fitness through interaction with nature and the great outdoors, encouraging users to gain both physical and psychological benefits from their exercise sessions.

Why Green Gyms are gaining popularity?

These gyms allow people to work out in an open setting, offering a refreshing alternative to the enclosed spaces of traditional gyms. It’s also cost-effective because there is no membership fee involved. This is contributing to a shift in the London fitness landscape, where more and more people are being drawn to the idea of free, open-air exercises.

Environmental Benefits of Green Gyms

The environmental benefits of Green Gyms go beyond just the energy saved from not needing to power machines. They help reduce carbon footprints as they eliminate the need for commute, as they are often located within residential areas. This coupled with the absence of air conditioning and other standard gym utilities, makes Green Gyms a more sustainable option for fitness enthusiasts.


From promoting fitness in a fun, outdoor environment, to lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint, Green Gyms are leading a green revolution in London’s fitness scene and could well become the future of fitness.


What are Green Gyms?

Green Gyms are outdoor exercise spaces that require no electricity. Users power the equipment themselves.

Why are they popular?

They’re popular for their cost-effectiveness, and the chance to work out in an open, natural environment. Plus, they are a more sustainable fitness option.

Where can I find a Green Gym?

Green Gyms can be found in various community parks and open spaces in residential areas across London.

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