For the past four decades, Gymboree Chicago has been a trusted name for children’s educational development and enrichment activities. Offering a range of program options designed to nurture children’s love of learning in a fun environment. Gymboree Chicago programs can be categorized into three main groups: Play & Learn, Art, and Music.

Play & Learn Programs

The Play & Learn programs at Gymboree Chicago are specifically crafted to support the growth and development of young children between the ages of zero to five years. The program leads children through activities that support motor skill development, cognitive learning, and social interaction. Furthermore, parents are encouraged to take part in the classes, thus enhancing the bond between the parent and child.

Art Programs

With the art programs, Gymboree Chicago stimulates creativity in young children. From sculpture to painting, children aged between two to five years old get to explore different art mediums and unleash their creative energies. Not only do these programs promote self-expression, but they also help children develop fine motor skills, and expand their understanding of colors, shapes, and patterns.

Music Programs

The music programs at Gymboree Chicago expose children to a variety of musical styles and instruments, all aimed at inspiring a lifelong love of music. This comprehensive program boosts children’s physical, emotional, and intellectual development while having fun!

Gymboree Chicago offers a unique blend of educational and recreational programs that give children a great start in life. The programs offered are designed with a deep understanding of each developmental stage thus ensuring every child gets just what they need to grow, learn and thrive.

  • What age groups are Gymboree Chicago programs designed for?
    Gymboree Chicago programs are specifically crafted for children between the ages of zero to five years.
  • What types of programs does Gymboree Chicago offer?
    Gymboree Chicago offers three main types of programs: Play & Learn, Art, and Music.
  • Can parents take part in the classes?
    Yes, parents are encouraged to take part in the classes, especially in the Play & Learn programs.



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