The Gymboree Approach

Gymboree Chicago, a platform known for its high-quality children’s education and entertainment programs, foundations itself on instilling a love of learning early in life. Gymboree’s educational philosophy is based on creating an emotional connection to learning, which leads to a more profound and lasting understanding.

Programs for Different Ages

Gymboree offers classes for a variety of age groups, designed to meet the developmental needs of each stage, from sensory play for babies to problem-solving activities for toddlers. For preschool children, Gymboree provides a pre-kindergarten readiness program focused on math, science, and art explorations.

Gymboree’s Learning Environment

Gymboree centers, including Gymboree Chicago, are appealing to children because they are designed to be exciting, colorful, and inviting. Children are free to explore and play while absorbing important learning opportunities presented in each activity station.

Enhancing Social Skills

Beyond academic skills, Gymboree Chicago fosters social and emotional growth. Group activities and cooperative projects promote teamwork and social interaction, which can result in greater self-confidence and improved communication and social skills.


Gymboree Chicago is not merely about learning for learning’s sake but the development of a love for knowledge. It provides children with a supportive learning environment that nurtures their natural curiosity and ignites their desire to explore and discover.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What ages is Gymboree suitable for?

Gymboree offers classes for children from newborn to five years old. It provides age-specific activities designed according to their development needs.

What kind of programs does Gymboree offer?

Gymboree offers a variety of programs, including sensory play for babies, problem-solving activities for toddlers, and pre-kindergarten readiness programs for older children.

How does Gymboree promote a love of learning?

Gymboree enhances a love of learning by cultivating an exciting and stimulating environment for children where they can experience fun and knowledge in a playful manner.



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