An Overview of Gymboree Chicago

Gymboree Chicago, part of the global Gymboree brand, specializes in providing a safe, fun and educational environment for kids. We value the quality of play as an integral part of children’s growth and development. Our approach combines games, music, art, and gym classes to provide a holistic learning experience for your child.

What Makes Gymboree Chicago Unique

At Gymboree Chicago, we recognize that each child is unique, and we tailor our programs to cater the individual’s developmental age and interest. These programs are led by highly trained professionals who have a deep understanding of child development. They play a significant role in fostering physical, cognitive, and social skill of the children.

Our Programs

Our programs cater for children as young as newborns up to five-year-olds. They consist of a variety of activities such as sensory play for infants, music and art classes for toddlers, and structured play and learning activities for preschoolers. We also provide parental guidance to help them provide essential support for their child’s development at home.


Gymboree Chicago provides an environment that fosters a love for learning in children. With their systematic approach that combines various forms of fun games, activities, and classes, they offer a holistic approach to child development. Their belief in the power of play makes Gymboree not just a child care or learning center, but a place that enhances the joy of childhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age does Gymboree cater to?

The programs at Gymboree Chicago cater to children from newborn up to five years of age.

What does a typical Gymboree session look like?

A typical session involves a blend of play, learn and grow activities. It begins with a warm up followed by a series of activities designed to enhance a child’s motor skills and cognitive abilities. A session typically lasts for an hour.

What benefits can children and parents expect from Gymboree?

Children benefit from Gymboree by developing important physical, cognitive and social skills. Parents on the other hand benefit by learning methods to support the development of these skills at home.



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