Gymboree Chicago offers a unique combination of physical activities and educational lessons that create an engaging and educational environment for children. Gymboree aims to promote cognitive, physical, and social development in children through play-based learning.

Captivating Environment

Every center is designed with child-friendly equipment to ensure safety, promote exploration, and stimulate imagination. From climbing structures, slides, to tunnels, Gymboree Chicago offers endless fun possibilities.

Wide Range of Programs

From art classes, music lessons to preschool steps, the educational program range is vast. Each program is carefully designed and implemented by a team of early childhood education specialists. The interactive format ensures that each child gets individual attention and care.

Art Classes

They offer a variety of art classes focusing on different techniques, materials, and themes. The art programs help children improve their fine motor skills, boost creativity, and learn to appreciate art.

Music Lessons

Music has a significant impact on child development. Gymboree incorporates music lessons into their programs to give children the opportunity to feel the rhythm, learn to appreciate different music genres, and improve their coordination skills.

Preschool Steps

The Preschool Steps program is a perfect mix of fun and learning. The program aims to prepare children for school life by developing their literacy, math skills, and social skills.


Gymboree Chicago is more than a play area for kids. It provides a supportive environment that urges kids to learn, play, and grow together. It is indeed a fun-filled education environment that kids love to be part of.


What age group does Gymboree cater to?

Gymboree serves children from ages 0-5 years.

Are the programs at Gymboree qualitative?

Absolutely, all programs at Gymboree are designed by a team of early childhood education specialists and comply with the highest standards in the field.



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