Gymboree Play and Music London is not just a regular play centre; it’s an institution that focuses on children’s development in a holistic way. We believe that every child is unique and deserves an individual approach to their education and development.

Our expert educators and child psychologists are dedicated to the overall development of children, focusing not only on their physical growth, but also their mental, emotional, and social development, in a friendly and nurturing environment. Our well-curated activities stimulate creativity, critical-thinking skills, social interaction and promote physical health.

Confidence Building Activities

At Gymboree London, we structure our activities to gradually introduce children to new experiences and challenges, in a way that builds their self-esteem and confidence. We focus on arts, sports and play, and encourage children to express themselves creatively while learning to interact respectfully and constructively with others.

Inclusive and Diverse Environment

We pride ourselves on our welcoming and inclusive environment. At Gymboree, we celebrate diversity and strive to instil acceptance and appreciation for all cultures, languages, abilities and backgrounds. This exposure to varied perspectives contributes positively to the development of well-rounded, accepting individuals.


Gymboree Play and Music London offers a nurturing and conducive environment aimed at holistic child development. Besides physical activities, it also focuses on emotional, social, and cognitive development, allowing children to grow, learn and enjoy freely within its safe premises. Such well-rounded grooming not only aids in the child’s overall growth but also boosts their confidence and helps instil a lifelong love for learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups does Gymboree cater to?

Gymboree caters to children from newborns to five years old.

What kind of activities are available at Gymboree?

We offer a wide range of activities including sports, art, music, and free play, all designed to promote holistic child development.

How can I enroll my child in Gymboree?

You can visit our website or contact us directly at our London centre for enrollment information and details.



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