Gymboree Play & Music has been fostering creativity and confidence in children up to 5 years old for over 40 years. Now present in New York, Gymboree continues to provide high-quality early childhood education and enrichment programs.

Creating a Safe and Fun Environment

Every Gymboree location is created with custom-designed play environments. These environments are designed to deliver the high-quality standard that Gymboree is known for. They are bright, clean, and inviting to ensure your child’s experience is always fun and engaging.

Nurturing Learning Through Play

Play-based learning is at the heart of Gymboree’s ethos. The courses are designed to help young children learn and develop essential skills while they play. The diverse range of activities provided guarantees that no two visits to Gymboree are exactly the same.

Engaging Parents in Their Child’s Development

Gymboree understands the importance of involving parents in their children’s early learning experiences. The classes are designed to support parents with strategies and insights to promote their child’s physical and cognitive development, at Gymboree and beyond.


Gymboree’s mission is to develop lifelong learners, contributors to the community, and to constructively impact the lives of children. Through the various engaging, fun, and educational activities offered by Gymboree New York, children and parents alike are given a welcoming environment promoting holistic development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is suitable for Gymboree classes?

Gymboree offers classes for children aged 0 to 5 years old.

What types of classes does Gymboree offer?

Gymboree offers a range of classes including Play & Learn, Music, Art, Preschool Steps, and School Skills.

What are the benefits of Gymboree for my child?

Gymboree classes enhance children’s problem-solving skills, social interaction, motor skills, and creativity through play-based, fun learning experiences.



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