In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, London’s fitness centres are deploying creative and unique ways to adapt to necessary health precautions. The pandemic truly disrupted the fitness industry, causing gyms to rethink their strategies and evolve.

Increased Safety Measures

To minimise the spread of the virus, gyms have instituted safety measures such as social distancing, stringent sanitation routines, and phasing out shared equipment. Some centres have even introduced personal workout pods, providing a clear barrier between gym-goers.

Virtual Fitness Programs

Embracing technology, most gyms now offer virtual training sessions for members uncomfortable with in-person classes. These can vary from recorded workout videos, to live streaming sessions, and mobile fitness apps.

Outdoor Gym Classes

As a way to reduce transmission, many gyms have moved their fitness classes outside. From park boot camps to rooftop yoga sessions, these classes offer creative ways to stay fit while enjoying the outdoors in a socially distanced setting.


Despite the challenges, London’s gyms have demonstrated resilience and creativity in their response to Covid-19. With heightened safety measures, innovative fitness programs, and a new appreciation for outdoor workouts, the fitness industry has proven its dedication to catering to members’ needs while prioritising health and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are gyms ensuring safety during the pandemic?

Gyms are increasing cleaning and sanitation of all surfaces and promoting social distancing. Many are also providing virtual workout options to reduce the number of people inside the facilities.

Are masks required at gyms during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Mask requirements may vary depending on the gym and local government guidelines. Contact your gym directly for up-to-date safety measures.

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