Over the past decade, Gymshark has emerged as a titan in the fitness clothing industry, creating a significant mark with its product quality, innovative marketing strategies and vast, loyal consumer base. Established in 2012, the UK-based brand has since grown into a global phenomenon, boasting numerous stores and retail outlets across the world, including the USA.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Phenomenon

Gymshark’s origins are rooted in humble beginnings, established by a teenager named Ben Francis, who started the company out of his garage. Francis, a passionate gym goer, felt that the fitness clothing industry was lacking in forward-thinking, stylish yet functional wear. Today, Gymshark stands as a testament to his vision, leading the industry in innovation and style.

The American Impact

Gymshark’s success has seeped into the American soil, creating a rage among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Monopolizing on the health culture, the brand has managed to gain significant traction across several US states, driving its global reputation.

Such is the brand’s dominance that it experienced an overwhelming response during the recent opening of its pop-up store in Los Angeles, with queues stretching around blocks. Following its success, it expanded its reach with retail stores in New York, Chicago and Miami.

Setting Industry Standards

One of the intriguing aspects about Gymshark is their commitment towards setting new industry standards. The brand has not only revamped the expectations of gym wear but has also led the way in implementing innovative advertisement methods. Gymshark’s disruptive marketing strategies such as their “influence marketing” have created waves within the industry.


To sum up, Gymshark has not only dominated the fitness clothing industry but also revolutionized the traditional concepts of gym wear. With a remarkable global presence and unyielding commitment to excellence, they’ve carved a niche within the industry that is known for its fierce competition.


Q: Where was Gymshark founded?

A: Gymshark was founded in the UK.

Q: Who is the founder of Gymshark?

A: The founder of Gymshark is Ben Francis.

Q: Where are Gymshark’s US retail stores located?

A: Gymshark has retail stores in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Miami.

Q: What makes Gymshark unique within the fitness clothing industry?

A: Gymshark’s product quality, innovative marketing strategies and commitment to setting new industry standards make it unique within the fitness clothing industry.



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