On the map of globally leading fitness apparel brands, one name has marked a unique place for itself in less than a decade. Known for its cutting-edge designs, innovative technology, and community building initiatives, Gymshark is not just a brand; it’s a fitness movement.

From a University Startup to a Global Sensation

In 2012, Ben Francis, a university student passionate about fitness, started Gymshark from his parent’s house. The inception aimed at meeting personal needs for improved gym wear, which soon transformed into a business idea aimed at enhancing fitness levels through functional and innovative clothing lines.

Driven by influential marketing strategies, including social media campaigns and collaborations with leading fitness influencers, Gymshark’s growth exploded. Today, Gymshark has successfully established customers in 131 countries, celebrating a major milestone by hitting a £1bn valuation in 2020.

Gymshark’s US Initiative

Tapping into the wellness-conscious US market, Gymshark’s expansion has been strategic and impactful. The US stores strategically located in fitness-conscious areas have catalyzed the brand’s growth, creating strong brand equity and community loyalty.

Forging a Community, Not Just a Brand

Gymshark’s success lies in its ability to genuinely connect with its audience and breed a community of fitness enthusiasts. The brand drives connections through fitness events, online challenges and initiatives that promote wellness and encourage individuals to unlock their full potential.


Gymshark has achieved remarkable success by moulding itself into more than just a fitness apparel brand. By integrating innovation, community, and a fitness-centered lifestyle, Gymshark has solidified its space in the fashion and fitness industry as a powerhouse that motivates and progresses with its community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was Gymshark established?

Gymshark was launched in 2012 by Ben Francis.

What makes Gymshark different from other fitness apparel brands?

Gymshark sets itself apart with its unique focus on community building and delivering innovative, high-quality products that combine function and style.

Where are Gymshark’s US stores located?

Gymshark’s US stores can be found in various fitness-conscious regions across the country.



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