The Genesis of Gymshark

Gymshark, a fitness apparel company, started as a small venture in the UK by Ben Francis in 2011. At the age of 19, Francis launched the brand from his garage, printing the Gymshark logo on the apparel by himself. Today, Gymshark has grown to become a global fitness empire with branches in different parts of the world including the USA.

The Role of Social Media in Gymshark’s Growth

Gymshark tapped into the power of social media to help grow its brand. The company leveraged different social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, partnering with fitness influencers. This strategic use of influencer marketing aided in the brand’s exponential growth.

Gymshark’s US Expansion:

After winning the hearts of fitness enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, Gymshark set its eyes on the American market. The company’s expansion into the US in 2017 was a significant landmark in its growth story. The US branches helped in extending its reach and strengthening its global footprint. The brand continues to drive customer engagement through social media campaigns and fitness events, creating a thriving community of fitness advocates.

Gymshark’s Key to Success

The main key to Gymshark’s rapid success is its strategic use of social media and digital marketing. Leveraging the social media following of fitness influencers has allowed Gymshark to reach millions of people worldwide without the need for expensive media buying. Their focus on creating quality content, and engaging with their audience on a personal level sets them apart from many companies.


Gymshark’s journey proves how a small business can grow into a global empire through the effective and strategic use of social media and influencer marketing. Their story is a powerful example and lesson in the potential of digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Gymshark start?

Gymshark began as a small venture in the UK by Ben Francis in 2011.

How did Gymshark use social media for growth?

Gymshark leveraged the power of social media by partnering with fitness influencers on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, which helped grow its brand exponentially.

When did Gymshark expand to the United States?

Gymshark expanded its operations to the United States in 2017.



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