Gymshark, renowned for its stylish and high-performance fitness gear, is pioneering sustainable practices within the industry. Recognizing that a healthier planet equals a healthier you, the company is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Whether it’s their innovative use of recycled fabrics in clothing manufacture or their elimination of single-use plastics, Gymshark is showing how green values are a natural fit for the fitness apparel industry.

Revolutionizing Fabrics: An Eco-friendly Approach

Gymshark’s primary focus is on materials and fabrics. They’ve developed a new line of apparel comprising 65-85% recycled polyester, which has less environmental impact than virgin polyester. The products retain the same quality, comfort, and durability for which Gymshark is renowned. This innovative approach to material use goes a long way in reducing waste and conserving resources, making Gymshark’s apparel not only a choice of comfort but also a choice of conscience.

Reducing the Plastic Footprint

In addition to utilizing green materials, Gymshark is passionate about reducing plastic waste. They have eliminated all single-use plastics in their supply chain and replaced them with environmentally-friendly alternatives. They also ensure that all their packaging is fully recyclable, demonstrating their commitment to a circular economy.

Branching into the USA

Gymshark’s outstanding commitment to sustainability is equally reflected in their U.S branches. With over a hundred branches across the country, Gymshark USA is dedicated to upholding the brand’s eco-friendly philosophy and contributing to a greener planet. This global commitment strengthens Gymshark’s position as a trailblazer in sustainable fitness apparel.


Gymshark’s sustainable practices illustrate the company’s dedication to a greener planet. By focusing on eco-friendly materials and eliminating plastic waste, Gymshark is revolutionizing the fitness apparel industry, demonstrating that environmental responsibility and commercial success can indeed go hand in hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials does Gymshark use in its clothing?

Gymshark has developed a new line of apparel that is made from 65-85% recycled polyester.

2. How is Gymshark reducing its plastic footprint?

Gymshark has eliminated all single-use plastics in its supply chain and ensures all packaging is fully recyclable.

3. Does Gymshark uphold its sustainable practices in the USA branches?

Yes, Gymshark USA is dedicated to upholding the brand’s eco-friendly philosophy and contributing to a greener planet.



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