The holiday season is filled with festivities, joy and unfortunately, extra calories. The indulgence in good food and drinks can often lead to skipping the regular workout routine. However, there’s good news for fitness enthusiasts in London as many gyms are operating with special holiday timings and offering enticing deals. This comprehensive guide explores some of these offers and fitness centers that are going above and beyond to keep the motivation high throughout the festive season.

Extended Gym Timings

During the holiday season, it’s not uncommon to find your commitments piling up and hours running short. Thankfully, some gyms in London are extending their operating hours to accommodate all fitness routines. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, these gyms will be at your service, ensuring you get your daily sweat session.

Festive Offers and Discounts

Festive season is not only synonymous with joy and happiness but also great deals and discounts. Combining this tradition with fitness, numerous London-based gyms are rolling out special offers for the season. From discounted membership prices to free add-ons, festive gym offers are aplenty across London.

Collaborative Workouts

Emerging from the holiday spirit are collaborative workouts. Known as a fun and engaging way to meet your fitness goals, numerous gyms are offering these special workout sessions that combine the best of camaraderie and dedication to fitness.


The festive season doesn’t have to mean a break from your fitness regimen. With the extended timings and fantastic offers at London’s gyms, you can enjoy the holiday season without skipping a beat in your workout. Affordability and accessibility become the driving force behind these innovative offers, making sure you start the New Year right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the gyms be open 24 hours during the festive season?

Some gyms in London will be extending their operating hours, and some might be open 24 hours. It’s best to check with your preferred gym for their holiday timings.

What kind of offers can I expect from London’s gyms during the festive season?

Most gyms may offer discounted memberships and free add-ons. Some may also run special contests with exciting prizes. It’s recommended to visit your gym’s website or contact them directly to know about their special offers.

Will these offers only be available for new members?

While some offers might be exclusive to new members, many gyms offer festive deals for their existing members as well.



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