In 2012, a 19-year-old university student founded Gymshark in his parents’ garage. This Birmingham-based fitness brand, designed with quality and comfort for gym aficionados in mind, has since reached tremendous heights, becoming a prominent player in the athleisure market.

Tailoring the Consumer’s Experience

The company’s journey to the top can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to their consumers’ needs. Instead of focusing solely on high-performance gear, Gymshark combined functionality with aesthetics. Their products hit the sweet spot between stylish and practical, raising the bar in athleisure fashion. Their curated design and use of innovative fabrics made their offerings approachable and appealing.

Digital Marketing and Influencer Partnerships

Gymshark’s ingenious use of social media has been pivotal in their advancement. Harnessing the power of Instagram influencers, Gymshark bolstered their presence, transforming from a boutique brand to a name renowned in the fitness industry. Relationships with fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes cultivated a strong community and a loyal customer base.

Expansion into the US Market

Recognizing the potential of the U.S market, Gymshark expanded their operations overseas. With their Denver-based distribution and customer experience center, they strengthened their global reach and improved their customer service. Their expansion is indicative of the brand’s never-ending quest for growth.


Gymshark’s success in the athleisure market is a testament to their consumer-centric strategy, innovative use of social media, and effective expansion tactics. Their journey is a roadmap for any brand looking to make a mark in a competitive industry.


When was Gymshark founded?

Gymshark was founded in 2012.

Where is Gymshark based?

The company is based in Birmingham, UK; they have expanded to the US, setting up a distribution and customer experience center in Denver.

How did Gymshark elevate itself in the market?

Gymshark’s success stems from tailoring to consumers’ needs, leveraging social media, and forming partnerships with influencers.



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