Gone are the days when gym attire was solely functional. The rise of brands like Gymshark has revolutionized the world of fitness fashion, blending style with performance to create clothing that stands out, on and off the weight bench.

A brand built on Innovation

Founded in 2012 by Ben Francis in his garage, Gymshark has grown massively in just under a decade, morphing from a screen printing operation to a globally recognized brand. Gymshark’s team has innovation at its core. Their inventive designs and smart fabric technology, such as their seamless and dry moisture-management fabrics, have seen the brand pushing boundaries in an already crowded market.

Expanding Footprint in the US

The Leicester-based Company has been making waves across the pond as well, with locations in major U.S. cities such as Denver, Colorado, and Santa Monica, California. The brand has its sights set on international expansion, and for the U.S. market, it’s focusing on building a strong team of designers, marketers, and fitness enthusiasts who understand the American consumer’s needs.

A Community-Based Approach

Gymshark has built a strong community through Gymshark Athletes and social media platforms where they share training advice, nutrition tips, and general fitness knowledge. The active engagement with their customers has only made their brand stronger, with millions of dedicated followers.


As the world of fitness fashion continues to evolve, brands like Gymshark are leading the charge. By prioritizing innovation, expansion, and community, they have carved a unique space that transcends traditional fitness boundaries. Their approach to design, combined with their understanding of the global fitness community, has and will continue to shape the future of fitness fashion.


Q: When was Gymshark founded?

A: Gymshark was founded in 2012.

Q: What unique design features does Gymshark have?

A: Gymshark uses innovative fabric technology such as seamless designs and dry moisture-management fabrics.

Q: Does Gymshark have stores in the U.S.?

A: Yes, Gymshark has locations in major U.S. cities like Denver, Colorado, and Santa Monica, California.



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