The coronavirus pandemic induced a global shift in how industries operate — the fitness industry was no exception. However, London’s top gyms have managed to adapt their services and operations to continue serving their members despite the challenges brought about by lockdown restrictions.

Transition to Digital Spaces

To maintain engagement during the lockdowns, many gyms in London leveraged technology, introducing services such as live-streamed workouts, virtual classes and even online personal training sessions. This not only allowed members to continue their fitness journeys from home but also opened the door to a more flexible approach to fitness that is likely to persist post-pandemic.

Implementing Safety Measures

When gyms were permitted to reopen, strict health and safety measures were implemented. These included deep-cleaning protocols, capacity restrictions, social distancing rules, and contactless check-in procedures. Several gyms also introduced outdoor training spaces to provide a safer environment for members to work out in.

Maintaining Community Spirit

Last but not least, gyms did not forget the power of their communities. Through regular communication, virtual activities such as competitions and social events, gyms managed to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie amongst members despite the physical distance.


Despite the hurdles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, London’s top gyms have demonstrated agility and resilience in adapting to the new normal. By capitalising on technology, implementing robust safety measures, and nurturing their communities, they have not only survived but thrived amidst the challenges.


How have London’s top gyms adapted to COVID-19?

They introduced virtual classes and personal training sessions, implemented strict health and safety measures and maintained their community spirit via virtual activities.

What kind of safety measures are gyms in London taking?

Gyms in London have introduced deep-cleaning protocols, capacity restrictions, social distancing rules, contactless check-in procedures and, in several cases, outdoor training spaces.

Have the virtual fitness services introduced during the pandemic been successful?

Yes. The introduction of live-streamed workouts, virtual classes and online personal training sessions have allowed members to continue their fitness routines from home, opening up a more flexible approach to fitness that is likely to continue post-pandemic.

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