Gymboree London is an enchanting world of creativity, color, and imagination. The concept behind Gymboree, the renowned children’s play, music, and art experience brand, extends far beyond just exercising little bodies. It’s about inspiring young minds, encouraging creativity, and fostering early learning.

The Play & Learn Programs

The heart of Gymboree London is its Play & Learn programs, designed to help children aged 0 to 5 explore the world around them in a safe, engaging environment. The programs promote early development through play and interaction, focusing on fostering physical, cognitive, and social growth.

Art, Music, and More

In addition to the Play & Learn programs, Gymboree London offers creative arts classes. With stimulating music sessions designed to spark children’s love for music, and art classes that inspire young artists, there is no shortage of imagination-fueling activities.

Gymboree Parties

Gymboree London is known for hosting wildly fun and creative birthday parties. Guided by a Gymboree Play & Music teacher, each bespoke party provides an unforgettable experience packed with games, music, and activities.

Gymboree in America

Featuring the same mission and values, Gymboree’s branches in the United States offer a range of services that match those of Gymboree London. Gymboree locations in America offer classes for early childhood development, including tumbling classes, music classes, and art classes.


Gymboree London is a magical destination that cultivates creativity, sparks joy, and promotes early learning. Staying true to the spirit of the globally acclaimed Gymboree brand, it continues to champion holistic development in early childhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are the classes suitable for?

Gymboree London offers classes for children aged 0 to 5 years old.

What is offered beyond the Play & Learn programs?

Music and art classes, family classes, and customizable birthday parties are among the other offerings from Gymboree London.

Are the programs offered in Gymboree London available in America?

Yes, Gymboree in America offers a range of similar programs aiming at early childhood development.



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