For many people, joining a London gym membership can be a significant investment. With monthly fees, yearly contracts and one-off joining fees, it’s essential to know whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

Understanding the Costs

Before committing to a gym membership, it’s important to understand the associated costs. In London, the average gym membership costs around £40 per month – with deluxe gyms costing significantly more. This doesn’t take into consideration the additional joining fees, which can sometimes equal to one or even two months’ membership fees.

Assessing Your Usage

When determining whether a gym membership is worth the money, it’s essential to consider how often you’ll be using it. If you’re planning to visit the gym frequently, the cost per visit will decrease, making the membership more worthwhile.

Considering the Benefits

Beyond the fitness benefits, gym memberships often come with additional amenities. Most gyms offer classes that are free for members, and some offer perks like saunas, steam rooms, and even discounts at local businesses. These additions can often tip the scale towards a membership providing good value for money.


Whether a London gym membership is worth the money truly depends on personal circumstances. It comes down to how often you plan to use the gym, what amenities you will utilize, and whether the cost fits within your budget. It is always advisable to request for a tour before signing a contract, to get a feel of what the membership offers and whether it aligns with your workout needs and lifestyle.


What is the average cost of a London gym membership?

The average monthly cost is around £40, but this can vary depending on the facilities and location.

Can I negotiate my gym membership?

Yes, although not all gyms allow it. It’s always worth asking, as you could potentially save some money.

What are the benefits of a gym membership?

Together with access to fitness equipment, gym memberships often include free fitness classes, use of facilities such as saunas or steam rooms, and sometimes even discounts at local businesses.



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