London, a city known for its dynamic living, is also home to a vast repertoire of fitness clubs that cater to all types of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you are a fitness novice or a seasoned athlete, London’s gym scene offers a perfect blend of traditional and innovative workout options for a complete body workout. Here, we have curated a list of the top gyms in London that can help you in your pursuit of health and wellness.

1. The Gym: For the budget-conscious fitness enthusiasts

The Gym is a chain of fitness clubs in London touted for their low-cost, no contract, 24-hour access, and ample equipment. They are well-equipped with free weights, cardio machines, and ample functional training space perfect for a Full Body Workout.

2. PureGym: For the Night Owls and Early Birds

With 24/7 access across all its branches, PureGym is perfect for people with erratic work schedules. Apart from a comprehensive range of fitness equipment, they also offer free fitness classes to their members.

3. Third Space: A luxurious fitness experience

Third Space’s premium fitness clubs are spread across London’s high-end locales. They offer state-of-the-art equipment, a plethora of group workout classes, and impressive facilities including a pool, spa, and climatic control for altitude training.

4. Equinox: For the High-flyers in fitness

Known for its lavish and all-encompassing Fitness clubs, Equinox offers a grand fitness experience. From its bespoke training programs, wellness treatments, to its juice bars – working out here is truly a luxe affair.

5. Frame: For the fun-loving fitness buffs

If you relish variety, Frame is the place to be. This popular London fitness club presents a wide range of unique and fun fitness classes from Dance Cardio, Rebounding to “Bend it like Barbie”.


Whether you’re in London for a short visit or a long stay, or whether you live here, there’s a fitness club that will cater to your fitness needs and fit into your lifestyle. Keep in mind that the most important thing is that you’re comfortable in the fitness club you choose, it suits your fitness level, and you enjoy the workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the cheapest gym in London?

The Gym and PureGym are two of the most affordable fitness clubs in London. They offer low-cost memberships, no contracts, and 24/7 gym access.

2. Do fitness clubs in London offer trial periods?

Yes, many fitness clubs in London offer trial periods that usually range from a free day pass to 1-week unlimited access. It is best to check directly with the fitness club for their current offers.

3. Is it possible to get an all-club access membership in London?

Yes. Some fitness chains like PureGym, The Gym, and Third Space offer an all-club access membership which allows you to use any of their branches across London.



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