The city of London is not only the capital of England but also the fitness hub with numerous gyms. However, stepping into a London gym can be quite daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with implicit rules. This article will outline the unwritten rules to follow at any London gym for a stress-free workout session.

Respect Personal Space

Personal space is a significant aspect of gym etiquette. The unwritten rule is to maintain a respectful distance from others, especially during peak periods. This creates a comfortable workout environment for everyone.

Put Weights Back

Everyone appreciates when the gym area is tidy. It’s rude and hazardous to leave weights on the floor after use. Always put back weights and equipment in their designated place after use.

Don’t Hog Machines

During peak times, gym equipment can be in high demand. So, spend a considerate amount of time per machine or piece of equipment. If you’re resting more than working out, let others use the equipment.

Keep It Quiet

Excessive noise and grunting can be off-putting for some gym-goers. The unwritten rule is to minimise noise, especially while weight lifting.


Understanding and applying these unwritten rules of gym etiquette will not only enhance your workout experience in a London gym but also maintain harmony and respect amongst gym-goers.


Do I need to wipe down machines after use?

Yes, leaving a machine sweaty is considered disrespectful. Most gyms provide wipes or spray bottles to clean the equipment after use.

Can I bring my own personal trainer to the gym?

This depends on the gym’s policy. It’s best to check and confirm with the gym staff or management.

Is it okay to use a mobile phone in the gym?

Mobile phones can be a distraction. Use it minimally, and ensure it doesn’t disrupt others workout. It’s safe to switch it to silent mode while in the gym.



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