Marrying the pursuit of physical fitness with breathtaking cityscapes, London’s top gyms offer stunning views across the city. Whether you enjoy a peaceful sunrise yoga session or a challenging high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, these gyms provide the perfect backdrop to inspire and motivate.

1. The View From Third Space, Canary Wharf

As the name suggests, the ‘Third Space’ gym in Canary Wharf offers an amazing view from its swimming pool area. The full-length windows provide an expansive backdrop of the London skyline that will make your swim session feel like a luxurious retreat.

2. Fitness View at Virgin Active, Riverside

Found alongside the River Thames, the Virgin Active gym at Riverside allows members to enjoy a beautiful view of the London Bridge. With floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the gym, your workout will include captivating sights of the bustling city life outdoors.

3. Sky-High Workout at Twenty Two, Bishopsgate

Towering over London’s skyline at 620 feet, Twenty Two in Bishopsgate is home to the city’s highest gym. Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy panoramic views of the city, giving a whole new meaning to ‘feeling on top of the world’ after a solid workout.


These gyms offer a unique and unforgettable fitness experience. Coupling your exercise regime with the sweeping landscapes of England’s capital city, these London gyms with the best views promise to take your fitness journey to new heights, both literally and figuratively.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of working out in a gym with a view?

The visual stimuli of a scenic view can help to distract from the physical exertion of a workout, allowing one to exercise for longer and reduce perceived effort.

2. Do all gyms in London have a view?

No, not all gyms have a view. It largely depends on the location and architecture of the building. However, a number of gyms in London have made the most of their locations to provide their members with impressive views.



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