As a low-cost and no contract gym chain, The Gym Group has amassed a wide fan base in London. With over 40 gyms in the metropolitan area alone, Londoners appreciate the flexibility offered by the 24/7 operating hours, the clean and modern equipment, and the inclusive atmosphere that encourages fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Offering affordability and accessibility, PureGym has proudly positioned itself as another go-to gym chain for London residents. Hundreds of free classes a week, an extensive range of workout machinery, and easy-to-use mobile app all combine to create a welcoming fitness hub that caters to a wide range of training preferences.

For those Londoners who value a more comprehensive fitness solution, Fitness First offers an appealing package. Beyond the high-quality gym equipment, members also enjoy access to a swimming pool, sauna, and steam room. Further, its numerous branches throughout the city guarantee convenience for its members.

In conclusion, Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to their gym selection. Whether you prioritise affordability, premium facilities, or geographical convenience, rest assured that London’s favourite gym chains will cover your needs.

Which gym chains are most popular among Londoners?

The Gym Group, PureGym and Fitness First are among the most popular gym chains among Londoners.

Which London gym chains offer 24/7 opening hours?

Both The Gym Group and PureGym offer 24/7 opening hours to their members.

Which London gym chain provides additional facilities like swimming pool and sauna?

Fitness First offers additional facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna and steam room to its members.



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