A significant number of students in London are on a budget but still aim to keep fit for overall health and wellness. While London is home to many high-end fitness centres, there are still budget-friendly gym alternatives that cater to the student population. Here are some favourite picks:


With various locations across London, PureGym offers highly affordable gyms with flexible membership plans starting from £19.99 per month. They are open 24/7, providing convenience for students who might want to work out late at night or early in the morning. Additionally, they offer free classes daily.

The Gym Group

The Gym Group is another budget-friendly option for students. Their flexible, no-contract memberships start at £17.99 per month. They offer over 170 pieces of high-quality equipment and provide access to personal trainers.


Fitness4Less has a student-friendly approach with flexible month-to-month memberships and special discounts for students. Pricing varies according to location, but students can expect to pay around £15.99 to £21.99 per month.


Better offers a ‘no contract’ policy, ranging from £19.95 to £30 per month. The membership gives access to gym, swimming, fitness classes, and many more facilities depending on location.


Looking into the right gym whilst balancing out cost and quality can be a daunting task. Rest assured, there are plenty of good, budget-friendly gym options for students in London that cater to different needs and preferences. Trial sessions are often provided, allowing potential members to get a feel of the gym’s environment and facilities before committing to a membership.


What are some student-friendly gyms in London?

Some student-friendly gyms in London include PureGym, The Gym Group, Fitness4Less, and Better.

How much do gym memberships cost for students in London?

Gym memberships for students in London typically range from £15.99 to £30 per month.

Can students get a discount on gym memberships?

Yes, certain gyms such as Fitness4Less offer student discounts for their memberships.

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