Best Outdoor Gyms and Fitness Stations in London

The Thriving Scene of Outdoor Gyms in London

If you relish the prospect of working out in the fresh air, London boasts an impressive array of outdoor gyms and fitness stations. These vibrant, community-oriented spaces allow you to supplement your gym routine or partake in an array of physical activities without the confines of four walls.

Primrose Hill

Nestled in the heart of London, Primrose Hill offers a range of outdoor fitness stations. Users can perform a full-body workout, with equipage that caters to strength, cardio, and flexibility training while enjoying the breath-taking views of the London skyline.

The Serpentine, Hyde Park

In the verdant expanse of Hyde Park, The Serpentine features countless free-standing pieces of exercise equipment, each conceptualized to provide engaging and varied workouts. It’s not uncommon to see small groups swarming the fitness stations, led by personal trainers who utilize the versatile equipment for high-intensity interval training sessions.

Southwark Park

Southwark Park’s outdoor gym is comprised of multiple stations installed at strategic points around the park’s perimeter. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or occasional gym-goer, the equipment caters to all fitness levels.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Home to the iconic Olympic Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park houses an impressive outdoor gym circuit with cutting-edge equipment.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park’s outdoor fitness area offers a distinctive inclusive gym setup. It ensures that everyone, including elderly and disabled users, can benefit from and enjoy their outdoor workout.


Outdoor gyms and fitness stations across London offer a practical free-to-access workout alternative to traditional fitness centers. They encapsulate the spirit of the modern fitness revolution, where constant innovations demystify and democratize fitness, rendering it accessible to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are outdoor gyms as effective as indoor ones?

Yes, outdoor gyms are equally effective as their indoor counterparts, providing a different kind of workout experience.

Are outdoor gyms free?

Most outdoor gyms in London are free to use, encouraging everyone to engage in physical fitness without financial constraints.



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