London, a city reputed for its dynamic cultural blend and renowned architecture, fosters an impressive array of parkour training facilities. These centers offer extensive training environments for enthusiasts and practitioners to hone their acrobatic skills, making it the city of choice for aspiring traceurs.

The Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy

Regarded as London’s primary parkour training facility, The Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy offers an unparalleled training experience. Located in the heart of the city, it offers comprehensive facilities to cater to veterans and novices alike. With professional trainers specializing in individually tailored lessons, it’s a must-visit for all parkour enthusiasts.

Parkour Generations

Borne out of the collaboration between experienced parkour professionals, Parkour Generations serves as a hub for those seeking an immersive and methodically arranged training setup. Besides regular indoor classes, they also offer outdoor sessions including highly stimulating night mission events.

Fluidity Freerun Academy

Fluidity Freerun Academy, having roots in the London parkour community, is another notable mention with dedicated courses tailored specifically for all age groups. It showcases a well-rounded team of experts who will guide enthusiasts through an established syllabus to help them advance their skill levels progressively.


With a myriad of top-tier parkour training facilities, London paves the way for dedicated practitioners to elevate their skill level under expert guidance. Each establishment provides unique offerings and professional trainers, setting the scene for a thrilling parkour journey amidst an equally motivating ambiance.


What is Parkour?
Parkour, also known as freerunning, is a training discipline that focuses on movement and navigation through an environment, incorporating physical maneuvers and acrobatics.

Where can I learn Parkour in London?
Some top establishments to learn parkour in London include The Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy, Parkour Generations, and Fluidity Freerun Academy.

Is Parkour suitable for all age groups?
Yes, parkour can be practiced by all age groups. Many facilities offer courses that are specifically designed for different ages and skill levels.



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