London’s burgeoning parkour scene has facilitated the emergence of world-class training facilities filled with like-minded enthusiasts and professional trainers. This article tours through some of the best parkour gyms in London and highlights the unique features that make each location stand out.

Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy

Regarded as Europe’s largest dedicated parkour space, the Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy is the flagship training facility of Parkour Generations. It offers an authentic and raw training environment with areas designed for various skill levels. Capable of hosting workshops, chainstore gym also enables community gatherings and professional events.

London Parkour Project

London Parkour Project is another top-notch facility that caters to everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. It’s home to a team of adept coaches who are keen on helping trainees master the art of parkour safely and efficiently.

ParkourDance Company

The ParkourDance Company blends parkour, dance, and physical theatre. By integrating these disciplines, they promote individual expression, creativity, and movement fluidity among trainees.

Each facility appeals uniquely to different practitioners depending on their personal objectives and proficiency levels. The variety of training environments in London ensures there’s a gym for every parkour enthusiast, from beginners to professionals.

Do the gyms supply equipment?

Each gym has its own set of equipment for use. However, specific items, such as sport shoes and comfortable athletic wear, should be provided by the trainee.

Can beginners join the training programs?

Absolutely. All the gyms listed above offer programs catering to various skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.



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