Many of us embrace fitness as an integral part of our lives. The availability of well-equipped gym facilities significantly contributes to our commitment and enthusiasm. This article explores some of the largest gym facilities within London that offer more space for your workouts.

The Light Centre Moorgate

Known as the largest health and fitness centre in Europe, The Light Centre Moorgate covers an extensive 22000 square feet. This multi-discipline centre provides yoga, Pilates, personal training, and treatments all under one roof.

PureGym London Park Royal

Boasting over 220 pieces of state-of-the-art equipment, PureGym London Park Royal is another colossal fitness centre. Open 24/7, it offers the convenience of accessibility, allowing you to fit in your workouts according to your schedule.

The Gym Group – Waterloo

The Gym Group – Waterloo branch is a popular destination among fitness enthusiasts for its spaciousness and variety of equipment. It also includes private shower rooms for maximum comfort and privacy.


London’s fitness scene is brimming with numerous gym facilities to accommodate different preferences. If you’re a fan of spacious gyms, definitely explore the aforementioned facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these gyms open 24/7?

While PureGym London Park Royal is open 24/7, it’s best to confirm the operating hours of the other gyms through their official websites.

Do these gyms offer personal training programs?

Yes, all of these gyms offer personal training programs. However, the availability and pricing of this service varies between gyms and individual trainers.



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