For fitness enthusiasts residing in or visiting London, the choice of fitness centers can be overwhelming, mainly due to the number and diversity of gyms available. However, no matter your fitness goals, whether it’s gaining muscle, losing weight, or enhancing your cardio, a crucial element to consider is space. This article reviews some of the most spacious gyms in London that will provide you with ample room to diversify your workout routine.

Largest Gym Chains in London

1. PureGym: With over 30 locations in London, PureGym offers spacious workout environments equipped with state-of-the-art fitness machines and equipment.

2. Fitness First: Fitness First is a staple name in London’s fitness scene. It provides plenty of space, class options, personal trainers, and locations for you to choose from.

3. DW Fitness: This gym chain offers spacious fitness centers across central London, each equipped with a wide range of workout facilities including a Pool, Spa, and Group Exercise Studios.

Largest Independent Gyms in London

1. Third Space: With its host of varied workout zones, Third Space emphasizes quality over quantity and offers a versatile space for an all-round workout.

2. Reebok Sports Club: From a spacious gym floor to a variety of class studios, and everything in between, this gym offers fitness solutions for every type of gym-goer.

Benefits of a Spacious Gym

Large gym spaces provide a plethora of advantages. They accommodate more equipment, meaning less waiting time for machines. Additionally, spacious gyms generally offer a more extensive variety of classes and workout options, and ample space allows for better movement and improved personal comfort during workouts.


Regardless of your personal fitness goals, finding the right workout space can make a significant difference in your routine. Whether you’re a member of a global gym chain or prefer the vibes of an independent gym, the space offered at any fitness center is crucial for an efficient and comfortable workout experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which of these gyms also have branches in the USA? – PureGym and Fitness First have several branches in the USA.

2. Are spacious gyms more expensive? – Not necessarily. While some spacious gyms might be pricier due to additional facilities, many others offer competitive prices.

3. I prefer smaller gyms, can I still find them in London? – Absolutely. London has a diverse range of gyms to suit everyone’s preferences.



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