When it comes to fitness, London’s exclusive VIP gyms occupy a league of their own—offering a blend of fitness, luxury, and elite networking possibilities. These high-end fitness centres cater primarily to a clientele that seeks a whole new dimension of workout experience.

The Allure of Luxury Fitness

Luxury fitness is about much more than just having state-of-the-art equipment or spacious workout areas. These facilities come with a range of amenities designed to cater to the refined tastes of its members, including private rooms, spa facilities, highly skilled personal trainers, dieticians and therapists on-site. It’s not just a gym—it’s a lifestyle.

The Most Exclusive VIP Gyms in London

Not all VIP gyms are created equal, however. Some stand out for their exclusivity, exceptional services, and unique features. Here are a few of London’s top VIP gyms:

1. The Lanesborough Club & Spa

This wellness sanctuary exudes elegance, offering state-of-the-art fitness facilities as well as dedicated spa and wellness areas.

2. Equinox

Known for its unique group fitness classes, Equinox gym also attracts VIPs thanks to its chic design and top-end amenities.

3. Third Space

With its swanky design, range of fitness classes, a spa and even a medical centre, Third Space sets a new standard for luxury fitness.


London’s VIP gyms offer an unrivalled fitness experience, combining workout, wellness and networking in a luxe setting. For those who can afford it, these places offer an experience that goes beyond regular fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a membership at a VIP gym in London typically cost?

VIP gym memberships vary significantly in cost depending on the gym, but you should expect to pay considerably more than for a standard gym membership. It isn’t uncommon to see annual memberships that run into the thousands.

2. Are these VIP gyms only for celebrities?

While many celebrities do frequent VIP gyms, you don’t have to be famous to become a member—though it generally requires a pretty hefty bank account.



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