London, known for its iconic landmarks and cultural vibrancy, enthrals its inhabitants and visitors in multitudinous ways. However, beneath its fast-paced glamour and bustling activity, the city houses a treasure of hidden gym gems perfect for fitness enthusiasts to train in.

Energizing Amidst Nature: Eco Gym

Tucked away in luscious greenery, Eco Gym offers an incredible workout experience amidst the natural environs of the city’s outskirts. Harnessing solar and human-made energy, it provides an ideal haven for eco-conscious fitness lovers.

Unconventional Workouts: The Commando Temple

The Commando Temple is no ordinary gym. With a unique collection of specialist training equipment, including Olympic rings, bamboo bars and a dedicated ninja warrior training area, this intriguingly dubbed locale is perfect for those seeking a twist in their fitness journey.

Vintage Vibes: Jubilee Hall

Steeped in yesteryears’ charm in Covent Garden, Jubilee Hall strikes an inviting image with its Victorian architecture. Despite the facade, it houses a modern, state-of-the-art fitness centre, blending the aesthetics of the past with the fitness offerings of the future.


Whether you prefer the rush of endorphins amidst the tranquillity of nature, desire a gut-busting, adrenaline-pumping unorthodox workout, or prefer to sweat it out amidst the whispers of vintage nostalgia, these hidden gems in London offer unique and thrilling training grounds to satisfy your fitness cravings.


Q: Are these gyms open to tourists and travellers in London?

A: Yes, the gyms mentioned welcome everyone, whether one is a local, a traveller or a fitness enthusiast.

Q: What type of workout equipment can I find at these gyms?

A: Each gym offers unique equipment. From eco-friendly machines at Eco Gym, specialist training apparatus at The Commando Temple, to state-of-the-art gear at Jubilee Hall, each gym provides a unique workout experience.



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