When it comes to gym classes, London leaves no stone unturned in offering the most unique and dynamic experiences. The city hosts a myriad of unconventional workouts that challenge traditional fitness regimens. From high-flying aerial yoga to an underwater cycling experience, London offers a broad variety of unique fitness classes.

Rebounding classes, offered by gyms such as XYZ Fitness, use mini trampolines for a fun, full-body workout. This high energy, low-impact cardio class is not only excellent for the heart, but also for strengthening muscles, improving balance, and boosting lymphatic drainage.

For those looking for a cool twist on a high-intensity workout, underwater cycling – or ‘aquaspinning’ – is a must-try. Offered at facilities such as ABC Aquatic Centre, this innovative class involves cycling on stationary bikes submerged in a pool. The water adds resistance while reducing the impact on joints, making it a great option for all fitness levels.

Push your limits with aerial yoga, a unique fusion of traditional yoga, pilates, and dance, using a hammock suspended from the ceiling. The low-impact class offered at DEF Yoga Studio is great for flexibility, balance, and core strength. Plus, it’s undeniably fun!


Whether you’re a fitness fanatic looking to switch up your routine or a beginner seeking a fun way to get fit, London’s unique gym classes certainly deliver. Challenge your body, test your limits, and most importantly – have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where can I try out unique gym classes in London?

You can find a variety of unique gym classes at fitness establishments throughout the city such as XYZ Fitness, ABC Aquatic Centre, and DEF Yoga Studio.

Q2. What kind of fitness level do I need to join these unique classes?

Most of these unique gym classes cater to all fitness levels. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the gym beforehand.

Q3. What should I bring to these unique gym classes?

Generally, you would need workout clothes, water, and a towel. Some classes may require you to bring specific gear, so it’s best to check with the gym in advance.



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