In the hustle and bustle of London’s relentless city life, carving out time to hit the gym is quite a struggle for many. On top of that, the ever-intimidating atmosphere of co-ed gyms often may drive many potential women gym-goers away. That’s where women-only gyms come in. London offers a plethora of exclusive fitness spaces for women that comply with privacy, safety, and the empowering feeling of a female community.

The Appeal of Women Only Gyms

Gyms catering exclusively to women create a comforting and supportive atmosphere. They offer a less intimidating environment for beginners and are typically smaller, making them less overwhelming. Moreover, the trainers are often females, who understand the concerns of fellow women related to body shape, exercise routines, and health problems.

Top Women-Only Gyms in London

Gymbox Women Only Area: Located in Central London, Gymbox offers a unique ladies-only area. It presents an array of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, along with classes tailored specifically for women.

The Bridge: This gym stands out with its strong community-driven approach. Their fitness center area is women-exclusive, focusing on classes and activities that foster engagement and personal growth targeting the female clientele.

Move Your Frame: More than a gym, Move Your Frame is a fitness lifestyle brand with various locations in London. They offer an extensive range of classes, catering exclusively to women from yoga to dance and Pilates.


Heading to the gym shouldn’t be a daunting task. At these women-only establishments, you have the opportunity to focus purely on your fitness while enjoying a friendly and supportive environment exclusively for females.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose a Women’s Only Gym?

Primarily for a comfortable environment where women can workout without feeling self-conscious or facing any intimidation.

What Classes can I Expect in a Women’s Only Gym in London?

Most women-only gyms offer a variety of classes, including cardio, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and more tailored specifically for women.

Are the Trainers at Women-only Gyms also Women?

Yes, in most cases, trainers at women-only gyms are women who are sensitive to the unique needs of female clientele.



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