Discover The Unconventional

When it comes to pushing physical boundaries, London boasts several unique gym spaces that could inspire even the most dedicated fitness buff. Forget about the conventional gyms, these extraordinary spaces provide different and exciting ways to stay fit.

Climbing The Walls… Literally

The Castle Climbing Centre, a repurposed Victorian water pumping station, offers climbing walls of varying difficulty levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, this gym provides a fun and creative workout venue.

An Underwater Spin Class?

Aqua Spin, the first underwater spin class in the UK, emphasizes low-impact workouts and high results. Pedal your way through water resistance and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy while achieving a great cardio workout.

Bounce Your Way to Fitness

Airborne Fitness provides a unique trampoline-exercise hybrid. Combining the fun of bouncing with the motivation of an energising workout, this gym takes exercise to new heights, literally!

Unique Workout With A View

Gravity Gym offers breathtaking views of London while you exercise. From treadmill workouts to weight lifting, enjoy the phenomenal cityscape as your workout backdrop. It’s not just the endorphins making you feel like you’re on top of the world.


In the face of the pandemic, maintaining good health and fitness has never been more crucial. So why not make it interesting? If you’re in London, these unique gym spaces offer refreshing and exciting workouts away from the typical gym environment. Start redefining your fitness journey today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some unique gym spaces in London?

The Castle Climbing Centre, Aqua Spin, Airborne Fitness, and Gravity Gym are among the unconventional gym facilities you can find in London.

Where is The Castle Climbing Centre located?

The Castle Climbing Centre is situated in a Victorian era water pumping station in London.

What is Aqua Spin?

Aqua Spin is the first underwater spin class in the UK. It offers spin classes in a submerged set-up with the added resistance of water for a unique workout experience.

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